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About Henna

Henna refers to a dye releasing plant which grows in hot climates such as those of South Asia and the Middle East. A paste is created with the henna leaf powder, water/lemon juice, sugar and essential oils (tea tree, lavender, cajeput).

Henna cones are then made with this paste and used to apply the paste on the skin, creating simple or intricate designs. The paste is then left on for a few hours (or even overnight!) and then removed to reveal a stain. The longer the paste is left on, the darker and longer lasting the stain.

Henna is traditionally applied during weddings and religious/cultural holidays and festivals. Henna has become a quite popular form of body art and is a good, natural and temporary alternative alternative to traditional tattoos. It is now used as a form of body art all over the world for all kinds of events, parties or just for fun!