Bridal Henna

img_20161217_121023_wmBridal Henna

Henna is a must have for your special day! Every Henna Hues bridal package includes a complimentary bridal consultation and pre- and aftercare instructions.


Henna Hues bridal packages begin at $80, for simple henna on all 4 sides of the hands, as well as henna on the feet. Medium intensity traditional bridal henna is priced at $120 and up, depending on intensity and size of design. Heavy traditional bridal henna begins at $180, and consists of heavy, and intricate henna all the way up to the elbows. For detailed pricing, or a quote based on your requirements please contact us. Travel fees may apply. A deposit of $40 is required to confirm your booking, and will be deducted from your final price.

*Note: Keep in mind that bridal henna can take any where between 4-6 hours to apply based on intricacy and size of design.  In order for the henna stain to reach its peak colour on your wedding say, bridal henna should be applied 2 days before the wedding day.